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Capacity to Respond


Any organisation will stand or fall based on the quality of its decision making

Genetix is the next generation decision intelligence that helps top management to build the capacity to respond in fast changing business environments  

Capacity to Respond is considered the ability to take effective action in varied and uncertain situations, and consists of understanding, insights, meaning, intuition, creativity and judgment, including anticipation of future outcomes

Our platform, Genetix Decision Intelligence (GDI) helps enterprises with business optimisation and transformation by identifying synergies in high complexity to make informed investment decisions and prioritizations

Empowered by Genetix:


works on all structures

Work on all detail levels, from corporate structure to assembly line optimization, understanding all organizations equally well.

works on all data environments

Works with both structured data, big data and messy data - no other program we know of, handles the complex data of the full reality this well.

Intelligent precision

Developed to simulate the exact world in as much detail as possible, instead of using simplified models or black-box neural networks. ​

Benefits of human experience

Designed to evaluate data in a raw form, requiring a minimum of curation - yet Genetix can still benefit from all the experience that employees have.

synergies beyond the imaginable

deals with complex data that humans cannot get an overview over, while providing transparency to its decisions and recommendations.

Make Genetix Decision Intelligence work for you

Empowering a sustainable future

Genetix started this journey back in 2011, when we set out with people from IBM, Danish University of Technology and University of Augsburg to develop the Genetix Decision Intelligence software that enables companies to map their decision chain across their organisation as a whole and determine the appropriate response to constantly changing business needs.

Since then Genetix has documented savings for companies and organizations for hundreds of millions of EUR, created better employee and customer satisfaction, as well as contributed to innovative, more profitable and sustainable companies.

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