Universities: Find Funding Opportunities Automatically

With HOP we can give you

– An ongoing updated list of funding application opportunities regarding all current and planned research

To do this, we need the following information

(in ERP database, .txt, word, pdf, mails or any other data format – we can import almost anything)

– information about own research, developments and products, data as well as free text
– access to relevant science and patent databases (we know a lot already in certain areas)
– access to databases of student projects, to search for ideas, interns and new employees
– information about unique selling points, problems, challenges, customers wishes, etc.

The way HOP works in science businesses is as follows:

HOP Pharma-Biotech-Science functions diagram 151104-2

Other goals we can help with in science related scenarios:

1) Complete risk and opportunities overview for the organization, for investors better to understand
2) Continuing patent and science data surveys regarding opportunities and risks of your research
3) Optimize sharing of equipment and staff – better equipment and expert staff, with fewer costs
4) Scientific results benchmarking and comparison – better decision making and partnerships
5) Make detailed evaluations of lab equipment use and acquisition, to save by lending or leasing
6) Analyze working culture through written communication to combine teams most efficiently
7) Reduce time spent on going through data at meetings, to focus on decision making and action
8) Find untried combinations in research and products, possibly leading to new cheap opportunities
9) Employee attraction optimization and synergy with non-competitors – better and cheaper staff
10) Evaluate the optimal funding for keeping the scientists motivated for both research and tutoring
11) Optimize the education to each student, based on wishes and written communication analysis