Cities: Optimize Infrastructure based on Input from Citizens

With HOP we can give you

– A tool to combine input from citizens, budget, present state, etc. regarding infrastructure in the city and make a list of prioritized solutions that can be fulfilled within the budget

To do this, we need the following information

(in ERP database, .txt, word, pdf, mails or any other data format – we can import almost anything)

– messages from citizens in internet forms, plain text email or SMS, detailing requests
– accept of using previous budgets and internet searches to interpret citizen messages
– information about available services and staff, including schedules if possible
– information about available funds and budget divisions on specific areas
– information about restrictions and political priorities in relation to funds

The way HOP works in municipalities is as follows:

HOP Municipalities functions diagram 151103-1

Other goals we can help with in municipality scenarios:

1) Better reach political goals by combining all available data for a big automated overview
2) Gain synergy savings with surrounding municipalities by coordination of purchases and resource
3) Optimal use of current staff and equipment, both on short and long term
4) Easy navigation and reporting regarding politicians and authorities, regardless of goal complexity
5) Easily and continuously compare great amounts of subcontractors on numerous parameters
6) Make better use of the myriad opportunities offered by grass roots organizations and voluntaries
7) Make full simulations of public transport, energy, etc., including future options and challenges
8) Search communication with citizens to find opportunities for savings and improvements