Agriculture: Evaluate Risks Based on Forecasts for Weather, Pests, Prices, etc.

With HOP we can give you

– Risk evaluation and planning based on forecasts for weather, pests, prices etc.

To do this, we need the following information

(in ERP database, .txt, word, pdf, mails or any other data format – we can import almost anything)

– information about future plans for seeding, harvesting, fertilizing, feeding, breeding, etc.
– access to weather and pest warning, forecasting or historical databases (we know a few already)
– information about availability and status of manpower, machines, animals, materials, seeds, etc.
– market information regarding prices, supply and demand etc. (we can access this ourselves)

The way HOP works in agriculture is as follows:

HOP Agriculture functions diagram 151104-1

Other goals we can help with in agricultural scenarios:

1) Easy navigation and optimization based on laws and/or environmental considerations
2) Improve decision making regarding investment in machinery, crops and animal types
3) Sharing of equipment and staff – better equipment and expert staff, with fewer costs
4) Optimization of field areas and usage, incl. neighbors’, without crops polluting each other
5) Day-to-day optimization of priorities in time use, regarding harvest, maintenance, animal care
6) Easier, more detailed and more realistic valuations for getting loans and investments
7) Optimization for sustainability, both economically, socially and environmentally
8) Allows micromanagement based on extreme data collection from technology, such as drones
9) Greatly reduce the loss of experience when experienced people leave the organization