About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide decision making tools that use complex data analysis to optimize any process or improve the basis for strategic decisions.

Part of Hoxoh Group

In 2016 Genetix was purchased by Hoxoh Group ApS, a corporation which focuses on the crossovers between mobility and energy. Genetix Computing cooperates with the different companies in the Hoxoh Group to offer solutions on how to optimize traffic in cities, how to make the best smart energy solutions in smart cities and how to solve specific production challenges using large amounts of data. See more about the Hoxoh Group here.

The Development of HOP

HOP was developed over a 5-year period as a collaboration between German mathematicians and a production and management engineer from DTU. They worked closely together with various departments of the national Danish railroad, DSB. HOP1 was developed specifically for DSB’s needs.

Later the faster and more encompassing version HOP2 was developed. It is now in operation and is used to improve the effectiveness of companies that have a lot of data and need continuous optimization in a specific department or across the entire organization.